I’m Kevin Durr, I’m an avid field recordist, sound designer, musician, hardware FX modifier, and circuit bender.

I try my best to record all types of sounds .. familiar, strange and experimental. I often use multiple microphones and mic techniques to get an alternative and unique audio perspective to my recordings.



As of lately I bring my Neumann KU100 Binaural Dummy Head stereo microphone whenbodega bay 2 I’m out in the field.  As a fan of Gordon Hempton’s work I have learned that binaural recordings aren’t just for headphone listening. If used right, binaural recordings can sound great on speakers and headphones. The Neumann KU100 has the ability to capture a realistic and dare I say… an almost 3D sound to my recordings. Gordon Hempton won an Emmy with his Neumann Binaural Dummy Head(older model) which proves binaural isn’t a one trick pony in the field recording world. With a little creativity, experience, and patience .. there are no limits.


I also experiment with a Jecklin Disk with a pair of omnidirectional microphones when I want a different and “more interesting”sound than the spaced pair/AB mic Emeryville Marina_Jecklintechnique.

For sound effects and foley my go to recording mic setup is mid-side(MS). I currently use a Schoeps miniCMIT hypercardioid mic(mid) with a Schoeps CMC 5U mic amplifier with an MK8 figure-8 capsule(side).

Even though the previous mic techniques mentioned are my current standards I will experiement with ORTF, NOS, XY, and 4 microphone surround sound.

Also, if there are any specific sounds you’d like contact me. For instance, I live in the Bay Area and I can get Bay Area specific sounds like  a cable car or the barking seals at The Fisherman’s Wharf  in SF.

I am also available for sound design work or lending sounds for special projects.